About All Japan Koi

All Japan Koi is a new undertaking with lots of experience. President and CEO Tony Prew has been involved in several previous Koi businesses with twenty years experience: Keeping Koi, Fish Health, Filter Design: Vortex Systems, Rectangular Filters, Barrel Filters, Bottom Drains up to six inches. Twenty Years of experience traveling to Japan with groups of customers purchasing and importing Koi and Fancy Goldfish. Twenty Years of Designing and Building Koi Ponds. We have Custom built Nets up to 36-inch Diameter. We carry all the Latest in Filtration, Pumps, UV Lights, Drains 

Oregon Koi Farm

Oregon Koi Farm is a brand new undertaking, we have two grow-out ponds at the new location, each one at 40,000 gallons. With Approx. 17 acres to work with we intend to put many ponds in and a new Retail Facility with a New Quarantine Facility as well. Located in Hillsboro not too far from the old store on Farmington Rd.